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Take your Luxembourgish to the next level!


Easy Luxembourgish is everything you need to learn Luxembourgish, whether you are an absolute beginner or you are returning to Luxembourgish to refresh your knowledge. Make solid progress with Anne, your experienced language coach!

More about Easy Luxembourgish 

Easy Luxembourgish is the challenge to learn on your own Luxembourgish in small steps and to stay motivated. Easy Luxembourgish  is everything you need to learn Luxembourgish, whether you're an absolute beginner or want  to bring your Luxembourgish to the next level. 

With Easy Luxembourgish you can learn anywhere, anytime on your own schedule!

You'll be accompanied by Anne, your  Luxembourgish Language Coach. Anne will help you to build confidence by practising with you and so you'll make solid progress in no time.

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Easy Luxembourgish Level 2

Learn from scratch

Learn the basics of Luxembourgish with Easy Luxembourgish Level 1. Join Anne native speaker for this 40-lesson course in Luxembourgish. You'll learn to communicate in Luxembourgish in a variety of situations. You'll also gain an understanding of how Luxembourgish works and you'll be able to apply what you know to communicate effectively with native speakers.

Access the free audio lessons here.

 Make faster progress and deepen your understanding of Luxembourgish, the enhanced version of Easy Luxembourgish Level 1 is available in the Online School and features 40 video lessons, bonus vocabulary and lesson notes for each lesson.

take your learning to the next level

Easy Luxembourgish Level 2 will help you take your Luxembourgish to the next level. You'll develop your understanding of Luxembourgish grammar, increase your vocabulary and, most importantly, you'll learn to use the language and be able to say exactly what you want to say. In this 20-lesson course we will cover more conversations to put your Luxembourgish into practice.

Access the Level 2 free audio lessons here.

Easy Luxembourgish Level 2 is also available in a  in the Online School and features 20  video lessons, bonus vocabulary and comprehensive lesson guides. 


What are other people saying about Easy Luxembourgish

This course is the best!! Love it!! Anne does an excellent job with grammar, pronounciation and explaining the concepts! An excellent value for the money! Go for it!!

 Dawn Larson

The course is well structured, but also doesn't require you to learn never-ending lists of words - all nicely paced. Ann's stationary/Skype courses are also brilliant.

Hanna Siemaszko

Really impressive program. I was using the free podcast for the first few lessons, then upgraded to the paid online course. The video presentations are extremely helpful and the grammar sections are well explained. The whole thing is professional. A real pleasure to study.

Francisco Fratini