Lesson 2

Easy Luxembourgish 1 - Lesson 2

This is lesson 2 of Easy Luxembourgish Level 1 which is made up of 40 lessons. Over the next 8 weeks your teacher Anne will be releasing a daily 10 minute-lesson.  Easy Luxembourgish Level 1 is for beginners.

In Lesson 2...

You’ll learn:

  • to say " please" and "thank you" 
  • how to say "how are you?" and how to answer this question

Listen to the lesson

These audio lessons of Easy Luxembourgish are free. In addition to the audio lessons I do offer an ONLINE COURSE which is an enhanced version.

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the online course

Make faster progress with the Online Course of Easy Luxembourgish provides additional materials which will help you move forward more effectively with your Luxembourgish studies. The course includes the following elements:

  • Video presentation: listen to each lesson and see the words and phrases covered in the lesson displayed on the screen of your computer, phone or tablet;
  • Weekly Challenge to practise the language covered in the lessons of the week, and pick up some useful bonus vocabulary;
  • Comprehensive lesson notes: study the language of each lesson in greater detail and access additional information about the Luxembourgish language.

You can purchase the course using the link below: