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Moien, ech sinn



I am challenging you to stay motivated so to reach level 1 in Luxembourgish with this  8 week-challenge. 

How did Easy Luxembourgish start

Since 2016 I am mainly coaching people who want to push their Luxembourgish to a more advanced level of fluency and I am preparing candidates who want to take successfully the Sproochentest so to be able to apply for the Luxembourgish citizenship. I focused to work only with students who have already a basic knowledge of the language. So came the idea to create early 2017 Luxembourgish with Anne. For any private tuition visit luxembourgishwithanne.lu.

And since then I do not anymore accept students who are absolute beginners as I my schedule is completely booked. But  many people continue to ask me so to help them to get started to learn Luxembourgish. These are students who have a busy life and who have not necessarily time to sit 2 or 3 times a week in a classroom for one or 2 years so to reach their objective. They  wanted to learn fast but effectively and in a flexible way. 

So I thought by myself: Anne, you have to take action!

I googled around and I noticed that the biggest challenge you've got when learning Luxembourgish is finding enough resources to learn by yourself. For all other languages there are so many resources, e.g. podcasts  for self study.  But actually there no podcast to learn Luxembourgish.  That’s when I then decided to first create a free podcast so that students may get started on their own and to get a strong grasp of the basics as quickly as possible. Knowing that most of language learner  are struggling to stay motivated, I wanted the lessons of this podcast to be short but challenging. Therefore I came to the conclusion that 40 short lessons of about 10 minutes would be a good challenge.

... and that is how the Podcast got started.


But after completion of my outline I realised, that there are some people who prefer to listen to the audio lessons AND read simultaneously the transcript so to deepen their understanding of the language and to concentrate on the pronunciation of words and chunks of sentences. That's my advise I always give to all of my students. It's the most efficient way to build up a solid knowledge and to learn the correct pronunciation.

Then I started to write down the study notes for each lesson by adding some grammar and pronunciation points. So I created the enhanced version of the podcast which I called the Course including the weekly challenge to keep the students motivated until the end of the course.

I have also created  Easy Luxembourgish Level 1 and Level 2 (coming soon)  with the idea  to help all those who want to pass the Luxembourgish Language Test called the Sproochentest but who need to learn the language from scratch. So in Easy Luxembourgish 2 I concentrate mainly on the  required language to pass the oral part of the Sproochentest.

Real results come over a daily routine. If you stick to your daily learning you can achieve real results.
It is rare to come across a teacher as motivating and effective as Anne.

— Sébastien Brinster

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